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All of these animals were casualties of Hurricane Katrina and we took them in to help find them new homes. 

We would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Dianne Eddie of Lordstown Veterinary Clinic, for donating her time and services to check a couple animals for us.  

We're thrilled to say that all of our rescue pets have been adopted to wonderful caring homes.  Thanks for all that have helped in this effort.  


A Rottweiler mix male.
A Chow Mix
A shepherd mix female.

A Golden mix male
Is being fostered by Paula Carella.
Please call 330-538-2215 for info.
A mix female
is being fostered by Promises for Pets; Christy Cunningham
Please call for info. 330-547-2273

Mardi has been adopted!!
A Shepherd mix male puppy
Very sweet and timid.
Jamie was adopted so soon after we brought the dogs into the kennel that we didn't get a chance to get a picture of her.  We hope to replace this spot with a picture of Jamie and her new family.
Pup #2
A Shepherd mix male
A definite lap dog.  Will snuggle right up on your lap.  
Is being fostered by Paula Carella
Please call 330-538-2215 for info.
A pit mix female
A full grown female cat.  
Very playful kitten.  
A bashful little kitten.  Socks' tumbling companion.



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