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  • Aprill 14, 2012:  The kennel was shut down for two weeks and all fencing was removed for repairs.  The block walls were all cleaned, deglazed and repainted.  The kennel was reopened on April 28th.  A lot more is being done this summer and we'll keep you updated!

  • November 2, 2009:  Due to an illness, a client of ours left her dogs with us while she went home to Germany for treatment.  Our long time boarders (6 months) Sigi and Sushi were flown to Germany to finally be with their mom.  We drove them to Detroit to catch a direct flight to Germany.  They are really missed and it took a while before we didn't look for them in their run anymore.  They were great boarders and super sweet dogs.  Mom said that when they heard her voice, they perked up and ran for her.  We are glad all are together, happy and well.   

  • June/July, 2009:  Two more exercise runs are being added to lessen the wait time for the dogs to be let outside. 

  • April 1, 2006:  New premium runs available for smaller dogs.

  • January 7, 2006:  New Kuranda beds added for a fee for the comfort of your pet.  

  • November 12, 2005:  Brought in 8 dogs and 3 cats for adoption from the hurricane rescue, set up by American Boarding Kennel Association.

  • October, 2005: Important links added to our "Links" page about the Dog Flu.  Please read.

  • June, 2005:  A Cat room was added complete with a television for the cats to watch, and a play area  with toys and scratch pole. 




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